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Politics, made comprehensible

The last time I was having a debate on a political subject, I overheard some bystanders claiming politics is hopeless; that it is a game of luck, a game plagued by the vices loathed by the society. This is an absolutely puerile way of describing the subject matter at hand: politics expands into dominions so large that it can be incomprehensible to many. This remains an undeniable fact, and to deny it would only prove oneself a fool.

Hence, I have taken on myself this endeavor- Politics Now- as a medium to simplify politics into something that is intelligible to the masses. This murky mess of affairs, in reality, offers an excellent scope for analysis, let alone political critique. While you would get your daily dose of news on almost any other news website on the giant network called the Internet, Politics Now would strive to be unique by offering a one-on-one analysis and how that would affect you, or the community, on an individual level.

But this would suffice for the first post on this new venture. I would definitely be looking forward to your active participation in sharing your views which would be more than welcome. And with a good sense of food humour, I thus make my point:

Politics Now- Palatable Politics, served fresh.



Author, public speaker and a history buff, I love to sketch articles which are based on contemporary causes.

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